Terms and Conditions

Vetspanel is an online independent opinion panel of veterinary professionals.

By becoming a member or by taking part in Vetspanel surveys you agree to all terms and conditions stated below.

Vetspanel Admissibility

Vetspanel membership is open to veterinary surgeons, doctors, technicians, veterinary nurses and veterinary managers. All registrations are subject to validation and approval. Vetspanel reserves the right to deny or cancel registrations at any time. Vetspanel membership won’t be endowed if identity cannot be confirmed or is mistrustful.

Accurate & Truthful Disclosure

Vetspanel members pledge to personally complete any online surveys sent by Vetspanel and do not delegate the completion of any online surveys or interviews to any other individual, including the practice employees. As a Vetspanel member, you agree to provide CM Research with truthful information throughout the profile registration and while answering all surveys. CM Research and Vetspanel maintain a zero tolerance policy for fraudulent or offensive behaviour. If you provide any information that is untrue, invalid or flawed to CM Research or we have reasonable doubt that such information is dishonest, CM Research will terminate your Vetspanel membership. Termination for dishonest information includes the immediate loss of any rewards point or prizes, if any. It is your responsibility to notify CM Research and Vetspanel if you know, or have suspicion, that someone else is responding to surveys in your name.

Respondent Confidentiality

As a Vetspanel member, when participating in an online survey, focus group or interview, you agree that you will not disclose information and will hold in strict confidence any information obtained or gleaned regarding any questionnaire or any other market research project or activity related to or facilitated by CM Research and Vetspanel. You may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement or affirm your agreement to confidentiality provisions prior to participating in some research projects. All information provided during your participation in any of our research project is confidential and shall be used solely for the purpose of discussing and providing information to CM Research and Vetspanel.

Membership cancellation

Vetspanel members may unsubscribe from this service at any time by accessing their Vetspanel member account here , selecting “ More” under the main menu and selecting “ Delete registration”. Members should be aware that once the account is deleted from Vetspanel.com, any points that have not been redeemed BEFORE cancellation of the account will be lost.

Inactive accounts

Vetspanel and CM Research reserve  the right to remove any  accounts which have not been active for a period of 14 consecutive months.

An active Panelist is a member who registered to join Vetspanel and has participated in at least one survey or has updated his/her profile data within the last 14 months.

An inactive account on Vetspanel.com is an account held by a member who has not either made use of  the members’ area of Vetspanel website and/or not participated in surveys for 14 consecutive months. Inactive accounts will be sent a notification email after 12 months of inactivity and deleted with no warning after 14 months of inactivity. Any points remaining on the account at the time of cancellation will be lost.

Vetspanel points

Vetspanel incentivises panellists using a point system. Points can be exchanged into various rewards such as gift vouchers, cash via PayPal or donated to charities etc.
Points are valid for 14 months after they have been credited to your account. If after this period Points have not been used, Vetspanel reserves the right to delete them from your account.

All vouchers are provided with an expiration date and the validity period varies across each issuing company, therefore checking the expiry date and validity period of redeemed vouchers is a sole responsibility of the members. Vouchers that have been redeemed from Vetspanel but not used before their expiry date cannot be reissued. Vetspanel cannot be held responsible for the vouchers that have been redeemed from Vetspanel member account but not used before the expiry date.

Refer a colleague

To be eligible, your referred colleague must work as a veterinary professional in the country specified in the Vetspanel invitation, be willing to participate in veterinary market research and must not have been a Vetspanel member any time in the six months prior to the referral request.

If you pass on colleague’s details to Vetspanel, you confirm that you have your colleague’s permission to do so.

At the time of the referral, your colleague must not have already been recommended by another member.
In order to receive the referral reward, your colleague must follow the link provided in the invitation email to sign-up or participate in our research. If they do not use this particular link to do so, you will not be eligible for the “Refer a Colleague” reward.
All referrals are subject to a verification process to ensure that any new members and/or participants in our research are veterinary professionals. All information submitted via a registration form or through an online survey will be reviewed prior to the allocation of the “refer a friend” reward.

To receive the credit for the “Refer a colleague” reward on your account, you must be an active Vetspanel member. You must have been active member for the 12 months prior to the referral request with at least 1 survey completed in this time. Vetspanel reserves the right to remove or refund credits applied through the “Refer a Colleague” scheme if fraud or abuse is suspected or if credits are made in error. Vetspanel reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.