If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to: contact@vetspanel.com

Veterinary professionals, such as veterinarians, veterinary assistants, veterinary managers, technicians, etc.

Yes, you can, however, the sooner you fill out the application form (it will only take a minute), the sooner you can participate in our surveys and receive rewards.

Everyone who becomes a member requires their own email address to register, so everyone can complete the survey and collect points of interest.

By participating and completing our surveys, it can be by telephone, online interviews, in person or by discussion groups.

Immediately, once you have completed a survey, you can enter in your Vetspanel account and redeem your points.

You go to “More” in the Menu list and select “Delete record”.

Click on the member’s section in the upper right corner and enter your username (which will be the email address you have subscribed to) and your password.

You can update your profile, including contact information, name, e-mail etc, under “Account Information” and “Update your Profile”.

You can see your balance in “Points” by selecting “Points in your account” in your Vetspanel account.

In “Account Information”,select “Change Password” 

In “Points Exchange” you can select the prize options, such as Amazon vouchers, PayPal Credits or donate to a charity.

Rewards are usually automatically added to your account after you’ve successfully completed a search. Sometimes we need to credit the accounts of our members manually. In any case, please contact us at contact@vetspanel.com if you have not received your reward.

No more than 1 or 2 online invitations per month, depending on the survey number you attended personally.

It is instantaneous – once you complete a study, the points will already be added to your account.

Read our Terms e Conditions and Privacy Policy here.

Some personal information will be collected when you register with us. During registration, Vetspanel will ask you to provide your name, email address, zip code, office address and country. The information you provide will help ensure that only veterinarians, assistants and other veterinarians are invited to Vetspanel.

Your personal information is shared only with us.

We will not share or disclose any personal information without your permission. Except in cases where disclosure of confidential information may be required by law.

If you have problems with the link or search, please contact us at contact@vetspanel.com. Our goal is to respond and resolve the problem for you within 24 hours.


If you have any inquiries, or want to join us, please send us a message using this form. Thank you.


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