Insights on UK vets’ CPD, Continued Professional Development, webinar consumption

With our online content consumption growing in light of the pandemic, vets in the UK are no different; 35% accessed a CPD webinar in the last week and 57% said they watch more CPD webinars now than before the pandemic.

1 in 3 Vets took part in CPD during a 1 week period.

However, vets also experience a conflict; they have a desire to watch more content but they do not have the time to. As such, they struggle to keep up with the webinars available to them. As they fall behind, they also experience the abundance of choice as overwhelming.

When looking into the types of CPD content they attended, two areas stood out. First, advice on coronavirus (50%) and second, education on their medical profession. 49% attended a webinar on their areas of speciality (e.g. cardiology) and a quarter (24%) on self-development.

The types of webinars attended and their popularity.

So, while vets are busy seeing more clients and dealing with the impact of the pandemic on their personal lives, their need to explore their chosen field and expand their knowledge continues. In fact, they wish they had more time to engage, as mentioned above.

Have these needs increased during the pandemic? Watch this space…

Are webinars as a medium here to stay? Time will tell…