Vetspanel is the first members-only community exclusively for veterinary professionals who are rewarded  for sharing their views and opinions on issues pertaining to veterinary industry, as well as veterinary products, equipment, medication, treatment methods etc. Vetspanel has over 15,000 members across 11 European countries and US, and now expanding to include Australian veterinarians.

At Vetspanel we only do market research. That means no selling, no marketing, no strings attached:

You will be receiving invitations to online surveys and, occasionally, other types of research, by e-mail

You can decide whether you want to participate in particular studies or not

You can complete the surveys in your own time and…it gets even better…

You get paid for doing so! Depending on the survey length and theme, you can get paid from 50 to 100 AUD (sometimes more) in vouchers or PayPal credit. For example, currently we are conducting a 15-minute survey with small animal vets, for which we are paying 100AUD.

We are the only panel that pays you immediately after completing the survey and the membership is completely FREE!

To become a member, please complete our registration form HERE – it only takes a minute or two.

Vetspanel is committed to offering only the highest standards of quality, therefore all our research complies with ESOMAR and MRS Guidelines and Codes of Conduct.


If you have any inquiries, or want to join us, please send us a message using this form. Thank you.


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