COVID-19 Global Pandemic impact on the veterinary market

VetsSurvey 2020 – Part 1

In March 2020 we embarked on a small project to track the impact of the pandemic on our Vetspanel members. We resolved to continue this for “as long as the pandemic lasts.” Proof that researchers should not speak in haste.

In December 2020 we concluded the last wave of this project. In partnership with WSAVA, we have interviewed 5000 veterinary professionals in 91 countries.

The goal of this final survey was two-fold. First, to round up 2020 and take stock of where we are as we enter 2021. Second, covering future plans to help the veterinary industry make 2021 a better year.

We thank all 5000 respondents for sharing their experiences and opinions.

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Less experienced vets working longest hours in veterinary industry

The latest data from over 800 companion animal veterinarians in the US has found that among employed vets, those with less experience tend to work on average around four hours per week more than those who have worked around 10 times as many years as a trained veterinarian.

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Stress: the biggest global pandemic threatening the veterinary industry?

It’s fair to say that the pandemic has caused stress for us all. It’s the caring professions, though, who have probably had the most direct and heavy impact on their stress levels. Veterinary work is often not given the acknowledgement it deserves as a caring profession. In this short blog piece we’ll use data from our recent VetsSurvey to look at stress levels in the veterinary profession across the world.

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VetsSurvey 2020: part 2

Here is the second release of the long awaited VetsSurvey 2020 data. Where the first release was focused on the impact of the pandemic, this report covers other aspects of veterinary life (because it’s not all about Covid-19!).

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Insights on UK vets’ CPD, Continued Professional Development, webinar consumption

By Ioli Nissim

With our online content consumption growing in light of the pandemic, vets in the UK are no different; 35% accessed a CPD webinar in the last week and 57% said they watch more CPD webinars now than before the pandemic.

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Women in Veterinary Medicine: Why more women doesn’t equal more equality


Be part of a conversation about women in Veterinary Medicine and the chances are that one of the first things mentioned is how rapidly the industry has become “female dominated”.  

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Suicide among helping professionals: Don’t forget veterinarians

Images Supplied: Michael Weinhardt (So Many Other Things)

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is a topic close to my heart. 4 years ago, I lost one of my best friends to suicide. I am not unique in having been affected by the suicide of a loved one. I’m certainly not the only one sharing a personal story today, or during September, which is World Suicide Prevention Month.

Since that day 4 years ago my life has shifted immeasurably; I’ve changed careers, focus, living situation and had my own experience of a mental health challenge with a period of burnout. One of the most positive changes I’ve made is to go from being a “generalist” market researcher, investigating all manner of topics from shelf heights, to shampoo, to selling whiskey online to a specialist in a single industry: veterinary.

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Adjustments to practical change is getting easier, but the emotional burden increases

The two first waves of our Covid-19 tracker clearly highlighted the increased impact that the pandemic was having on veterinarians and their practices. The third wave showed that the worse may have passed. Wave 4 shows that while manufacturers have clearly continued to support veterinarians, there is still a lot more they could be doing.  However, while veterinarians are seeing some benefits to pets (increased awareness by owners of pet condition and early detection of issues), there are worrying signs that stress levels, and increased workloads (despite furloughing), may have a lasting effect on veterinarians – some of which have now decided to leave the profession for good.

har vi genomfört en covid-19-tracker som mäter effekterna av utbrottet för veterinärer och deras verksamheter i Europa, USA, Kanada och Australien.

Det finns en känsla av hopp inom veterinärkåren …

  • Oron börjar mattas av inom veterinärkåren: Jämfört med i mars kan vi nu se att veterinärer i de flesta länder visar mindre yrkesrelaterad och personlig oro. USA är dock ett undantag, där det har registrerats toppar för antal insjuknanden och dödsfall sedan början av april.
  • Veterinärerna börjar se en ökning av antalet kunder och leveranser: Enligt våra senaste uppgifter verkar det som om det värsta är över. Antalet veterinärer som rapporterar en ökning av antalet kunder har börjat öka i alla tillfrågade länder, liksom leveranserna av läkemedel.

Veterinärerna känner dock att de i stor utsträckning saknar stöd …

  • Veterinärerna känner inte att de får något stöd från myndigheterna, sin yrkeskår eller sina kollegor. Stödet från tillverkarna är också det till viss del otillfredsställande, eftersom veterinärerna fortfarande förväntar sig att få regelbundna uppdateringar om lager och framför allt flexibilitet i fråga om betalningar. Tyvärr upplever många veterinärer en hård ekonomisk press.
  • På många sätt är även kunderna en börda för veterinärerna, och vissa av dem menar att kunderna bara ökar den redan hårda arbetspressen under så här tuffa omständigheter med begränsade resurser.

Vi tackar alla veterinärer som har medverkat och delat med sig av sina personliga erfarenheter under krisen.

Ladda ned hela rapporten HÄR.

Vets see an end in sight… It’s just not around the corner.

The first two waves of our Covid-19 tracker clearly highlighted the increased impact that the pandemic was having on veterinarians and their practices. Wave 3 shows that the worse may have passed. The numbers reporting an increase in clients has started to grow in all countries as have deliveries of pharmaceutical products.
However, care must be taken to not assume that this improvement will continue as in almost all countries most veterinarians do not think there will be any changes in the current situation in the next weeks.
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